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Mission Statement

To provide boys and girls with advanced basketball skills the opportunity to participate in an advanced program.
Our mission is to develop and promote a winning atmosphere through individual skill development, team play,
sportsmanship and community representation. This is accomplished through weekly practice and game play.


The Travel Basketball program grew from the Rec. Basketball Program.
Boys and girls with advanced basketball skills were awarded the opportunity to participate
 at a higher level of competition.
A stronger competitive environment fosters a higher level of commitment from its participants and the potential for disappointment.
Travel Basketball is best suited for those who are dedicated to working on and improving upon their basketball skills.
A component of Travel Basketball is an evaluation process, which can result in some children not being picked for a team.
Furthermore, Travel Basketball does not guarantee equal playing time during games.
For those uncomfortable with these conditions we offer our Rec. Basketball program.

Presently, the Travel Basketball Program encompasses 17 teams:

  5 Girls Travel Teams           (Grades 4th --8th)   
  6 Boys Travel Teams            (Grades 3rd --8th)
  6 Boys Tournament Teams  (Grades 3rd --8th)

Whether a grade will have a Travel and a Tournament Team is determined by the following:  

1) Do enough boys/girls try out to field two travel level teams?
2) Do we have a coach for each team?
3) Is there a viable league for the each team to participate during the season?           
4) Is there gym time availability?


Tryouts will be conducted during the first two weeks of September.
The Tryout dates for each grade and gender are sent via a mass e-mail to all the members of the CNSF well in advance of the actual tryout dates.  
The Tryout dates are posted in the Colts Neck Journal and the CNSF web site.
Ideally, teams are selected by Grade. However, since our primary travel league (Mid Monmouth)
is an aged based league, the cutoff date for each grade based team is August 1st of the appropriate year.
The birthday cutoff  dates for each respective grade are attached to the tryout date information that is sent to all CNSF members.
In the majority of cases both the travel and tournament teams will be chosen during one tryout. In the event that the Evaluators
determine that a second tryout is warranted, the Evaluators will consult with the Travel Director and a determination will be made on
whether to conduct a second tryout for that particular age group/gender.
The mandatory roster size for each TRAVEL team will be 10 players.
Any coach requesting to take up to 12 players must get approval from the Travel Director.

The number of Tournament team members will be determined by the amount of “tournament team worthy” players in that particular grade.
In the younger grades, “tournament team worthy” is defined as a child possessing the basic skills of basketball that are taught in the K-2nd grade   Rec levels:
    1) the ability to adequately dribble and pass the basketball .
    2) the ability to score a basket with a 10 foot high basket.

The Tournament team suggested roster is 10 players but can be less if there are not enough “tournament worthy” players.

 Each Tryout will be conducted as follows:
1)The Tryout will be run by an experienced Basketball person selected by the Travel Basketball committee
2)The Tryout will be witnessed by 3 independent Evaluators. These 3 people will be chosen by the Travel Basketball committee.
    These 3 individuals will not have any affiliation with the grade/gender that they are asked to be Evaluators.
3)The Evaluators will be provided a standardized evaluation form which they will be asked to rate the Players during the tryout.
     The tryout will emphasize the skills being graded during the 90 minute tryout period.
4)At the conclusion of the tryout, the Evaluators will be asked to provide the person running the tryout the following information:
    a)The top 7 players that were evaluated during the tryout
    b)A list of  “bubble players” for the travel team.  Ideally,  these should be the 9th -12th players evaluated during that tryout.
    c)If applicable to that tryout, the top 20 players in the tryout. This is the basis for the selection of the 10 players on the
     travel team and 10 players on the tournament team.
    d)If applicable to that tryout, a list of “non tournament worthy” players

Selection of the Travel Team

The first 7 players on the Evaluators report are automatically selected for the travel team. The Coach has the right to review the list of
“bubble players” and determine which 3 players he/she will add to the travel roster.
The selection of the additional players must come from this “bubble list” and must comply with “basketball justifiable”
reasons for any child’s selection or omission from the travel team.
For example: the 11th ranked player is very tall and the 7 players already selected are of average height. The coach can select
the 11th rated player for his 10 person squad since he/she wants to have more height on the team to effectively compete in his league.
The Travel Director will meet with each Travel Head Coach to review the “bubble list” selections and monitor all “basketball justifiable” selections.

For entry level, first year teams (Boys 3rd and girls 4th), the evaluators will select a roster of 10.  If approved by the Executive Commitee, the coach has the discretion to add additional players selected from a list of  'bubble' players supplied by the evaluators.

Excused Absence from Tryouts:

If a child has an excused absence from a tryout, he/she is eligible to tryout during a subsequent practice with his/her specific age/gender group.             
An Evaluator will be present at that tryout.
If the child is deemed worthy of making a travel or tournament team, he/she will become an additional member of that team.
No child that made the team at the specified tryout date will forfeit their spot on the team to make room for an “excused absence” tryout participant.


Playing Up:

Playing up in grade is NOT encouraged and will not be allowed by the Basketball Committee, especially if there are more than enough
players in the age appropriate grade to field a travel team.
In certain instances when there were not enough players in an age group to field a minimum roster of players, we have asked
 “very advanced” players to “play up” in certain tournament and games.  

Coach Selection:

Every coaching position in the travel and tournament basketball program is up for selection each year.
During the summer months a mass e-mail is circulated to the members of the CNSF and volunteers are sought for each grade.
Interviews are conducted with the Travel Basketball committee during the summer months. Selection of the coach for each team
is not announced until after tryouts are concluded for that specific team.

Travel/Tournament Team Basketball Objectives and Playing Time  

Travel Grades 3 thru 5   Objective:  Team and player development.

All players should play a minimum of (25%) of each game.
Furthermore, each player that enters a game should play a minimum of two minutes before being substituted except for specific game strategy.
Adherence to these guidelines should be considered over the course of a season and not during one game.
 However, no player that attends a game and has fulfilled his or her Travel Player Expectations should be denied any playing time.                                                                                                
Mid Monmouth  "5TH Quarter" will not be considered playing time.

Travel Grades 6 thru 8  Objective: Competitive but emphasis on development. All playing time is at the discretion of the Head Coach.
However, no player that attends a game and has fulfilled their Travel Player Expectations should be denied any playing time.
Furthermore, all coaches should attempt to provide each player "meaningful minutes". No player’s game time should come during the final minutes of a non-competitive game.

Adherence to these guidelines should be considered over the course of the season and not during one game.
Mid Monmouth "5TH Quarter" will not be considered playing time.
ALL Tournament Teams will be designated as Developmental and  
adhere to Travel Grades 3 thru 5 suggested guidelines.