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What Is The Time Commitment?
  • Travel requires dedication and commitment from both children and parents. 
  • A team will typically have two 1.5 hr practices per week and average 1-2 games per week.  For the winter Mid-monmouth season (grades 3-5), games are on Friday nights and Sundays.  For the fall mid-monmouth season (grades 6-8), games are during the week
  • All teams will play and average of 3 out of town tournaments over the course of a season.
  • The season will last approximately October - February, depending on league play.
What Is The Monetary Commitment?
  • Fees may vary year to year, but, for the upcoming 2011-12 season, we project a $300/child fee.


What Training Is Provided?
  • Coaches have the option to bring in outside trainers to help faciliate skill development.
What Organizations Are The CNBC Associated With?
  • the CNBC is club operating under the CNSF umbrella.
  • Our primary league for A teams is Mid-Monmouth.  Our B teams have various league options, but, MSC is our primary outlet for the appropriate level competitive talent.
Who Can Play On A CNBC Travel Team?
  • Any town resident that has tried out and passed the skill level requirements for their respective team.
What Are The Age Restrictions?
  • We play in an age-based leagues with the primary birth day cutoff of August 1 for their respective year.
Can A Child Play Up?
  • Playing up is not allowed, however, occaisional exceptions may be considered by the Executive Committee to help complete a roster.  This rarely occurs, but, is usually limited to girl programs where participation numbers generally diminish in older grades.
How Are Teams Selected?
  • Tryouts occur every year and are run by a neutral coach with 3 independent evaluators. Evaluators select, based on ability demonstrated at the tryout, the top 7 players. These 7 are automatically placed on the team.    The evaluators then provide a list of 'bubble eligible' players ranked 8-13.  The coach has discretion to complete his/her roster based on this list of "Bubble' players.  The coaches bubble selection must be approved by the Executive Committee based on basketball justifiable reasons.  For example, if the top 7 players are mostly guards, and, the 12th ranked player is a cener, the coach has the discretion to select that player.
When Can I Expect A Notification of the Roster?
  • Approximatley 2 weeks after the tryout
How Much Playing Time Will My Child Get?
  • All coaches are encouraged to play all children that attend practice, put in effort and meet overall team expectations.  For grades 3-5, there is a minimum playing time guideline of 25% of a game, but, to be interpreted over the course of an entire season.  For teams with 11 or more players, 20% will be considered the minimum average playing time.  There is no minimum playing time guidelines for grades 6-8. However, all children should play in a game with some meaningful minutes.  
How Competitive Are The Teams?
  • Mid-Monmouth is one of the best orgainzed, largest and most competitive youth basketball leagues in New Jersey comprising of an east and west divison.  A sampling of towns that participate in Mid-Monmouth include: Colts Neck, Marlboro, Freehold, Holmdel, Matawan, Milstone, Howell, Monroe, Hazlet, Ocean, Oceanport, Shrewsbury, Tinton Falls, Rumson, Little Silver, Middletown and Brielle.
What Paperwork Do I Need To Complete?
  • Child Birth Certificate
  • Mid-Monmouth Consent Form
  • CNBC Player, Parent Coach agreement


What Weather Does The Team Play In?
  • Mid-monmouth leverages public school facilities in each respective town.  We paly in all weather, provided school systems do not close their facilities.  If a game is canceled, the coach will inform all parents.
How Can I Help?
  • Reach out to your coach or the CNBC Executive Committee listed below.
  • Be supportive of the children
  • Be supportive of your coaches:  Remember, they are volunteers
  • Respect the refs
  • Enjoy the children








Travel Club President     Rob Hill 732 796 4577
Travel Club Vice President     Paul Volk 732 539 9875
Travel Budget Coordinator     Frank Cammarato  
Travel Club Secretary     Brian Klatsky  732 904 0950
Referee and Field Coordinator         
Travel Training Coordinator